SAME table


At Flying Giant, we always leap at the opportunity to work with brands working to positively impact people around the world and in our local communities. And as the first nonprofit restaurant in Denver, SAME Café, a donation-based, fair trade exchange restaurant and the first nonprofit restaurant in Denver, addresses an issue we feel particularly passionate about: food insecurity. The mission of the organization is to build community by providing a delicious and healthy meal in a dignified manner to anyone who walks through their door. Yet, just like so many restaurants, they struggled to stay open during the pandemic.

So we teamed up with AOR to bring additional awareness to their cause through beautifully captured stories told directly by their five Denver-based chefs. Stories highlighting the beginnings of their careers, how they’re impacting the community, and why they devote themselves to a cause that matters so much to them and to the city.


Not only did we serve as Director and DP on the video series, Flying Giant put together a film festival fundraiser, SAME Table, and in partnership with AOR, created the motion graphic package for this series.

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