Visionary filmmakers with full-scale capabilities to bring your project to life.

Partnering for good.

While we focus our efforts on supporting non-profit missions first and foremost, we’re equally as compelled by agencies, studios, and companies looking to tell real stories of real people doing real things that make a positive impact on the world. Stories of connection, progress, overcoming odds, finding better, more sustainable ways to operate—these are the kinds of stories that inspire us and that we want to tell.

We see our work as a tool for making the world a little kinder, more altruistic and compassionate with each project we create.

– Our Unique Approach –

No. 1: Bringing mastery of our craft to every project.

While our core competencies as Director and DP allow us to tell cinematic stories as beautiful as they are compelling, we understand every project is unique. And so are your needs. Whether that’s full-scale production, shooting drone footage for hand-off to your in-house editor, or jumping in to edit existing footage, tell us what you need and we’ll bring the expertise to you.

No. 2: Flexibility is the key to triumph.

It’s our mantra. Having spent time in the Air Force and Peace Corp respectively, we bring grit, determination and the flexibility to adapt on-the-fly to bring your vision to life. We are pros at this, but nimble enough to always complete the mission.

No. 3: No one wants to work with assholes.

There are enough egos and divas in this industry to go around. Yet we find nice people can do just as good a job, if not better. That’s why we strive to make every production a positive and ultimately rewarding experience for us and our clients. So you always look back on it and think, “dang that was a good time.” And the work was even better.

No. 4: Size most definitely matters.

We’re a local team bringing large-production-house energy, offering the agility and flexibility to tackle projects of any size and budget. Not to mention, we are doers with a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude that creates room for the kind of collaboration that makes big ideas shine.

Our Sweet Spot

Our specialty is working with in-house marketing teams, agencies, nonprofits and independent studios looking to bring their ideas to life in video, photography or both.

Whether it’s merely chicken scratch on a napkin or fully fleshed-out storyboards, we can jump in at any point to bring next-level expertise and visual storytelling to get your project to the finish line.

Depending on the scope, we scale up as needed, hand-picking the best talent in Colorado or beyond, to nail every aspect of the production.

This Is How We Do It

Every project starts with a phone call. We use that time to get to know you and understand what’s needed to accurately scope your project. After our deep dive with you, we put together a production plan outlining costs and recommended team players for your review and answer any questions you may have in order to approve and set the wheels in motion.

From there, we can handle all aspects of pre-pro, scheduling, planning, scouting, etc. down to the very last detail — including you however much or little as you like. Then we set our plan in motion.

Partners through and through

Yes, we work together AND play together. The best part of working with your partner is knowing the others’ strengths (and weaknesses) inside and out to compliment the scenario. We’re both fun-loving, technically experienced, and simply love this company we’ve built together since way back in our Brooklyn apartment.

Capturing the stories that need to be seen.