Women’s Wellness Connection


For minority women in Colorado especially, there is a genuine uncertainty and fear involved with the annual cancer screenings that many in more stable income brackets take for granted. Issues like equitable access, transportation to and from screening centers, costs involved and the simple human tendency to avoid potentially life-threatening news means these women often put off annual mammograms and pap screenings that could literally save their lives.

This commercial for the Colorado Department of Public Health highlights their free cancer screenings in an empathetic light, coming from a place of understanding the constant juggling of endless responsibilities to home, work and life while positioning these screenings as an important necessity not just for them, but those they love. Because studies prove that catching breast and cervical cancer early makes it easier to treat, and to beat.


In partnership with SE2 Agency and Lumenati Productions, we contributed as co-writers, Director and Director of Photography planning, scouting, shooting and editing the final video.

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